7 Best Budget Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots do more than compliment your sleek leather pants when you are out on the road. They are designed to offer specific forms of protection to your foot and ensure comfort at the same time.

Here is our list of the 7 best motorcycle boots to help you make an informed decision before you buy.

Appropriate footwear for motorcycle riding can be very expensive. I am not about to get on my bike in my gym kicks so I need to make more effort to find a decent pair of motorcycle boots which won’t dent my pocket. Considering the large number of motorcycle boots available in the market, it will take some time to sift through them to find budget options.

We have done the sifting for you and compiled a list of 7 of the best budget motorcycle boots in the market. As mentioned, motorcycle boots are generally pricey. Even budget options are likely to cost more than your regular shoes.

7 Best Budget Motorcycle Boots – A Comparison Table

Motorcycle BootsLengthClosure systemSoleCheck on Amazon
Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Combat BootsAnkle lengthZip and lacesRubberCheck Price
Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical BootsAnkle-lengthZip and lacesRubberCheck Price
Nortiv 8 Men’s Military Tactical BootsAnkle lengthLaces and zipperRubberCheck Price
Sperry Men’s Avenue Duck bootsAnkle-lengthLacesRubberCheck Price
O’Neal 0325-110 Men’s New Logo Rider BootsKnee length4 bucklesRubberCheck Price
Vostey Men’s Motorcycle BootsAnkle lengthLaces and zipperRubberCheck Price
Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Motorcycle Harness BootsAnkle lengthZipperRubberCheck Price

Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Combat Boots

These are an aggressive looking pair of ankle boots which come in a light brown color. Other color options include 2 other shades of brown, 2 shades of black and grey.

The rubber sole creates a firm grip on the ground and gives you a steady feel as you walk. It also ensures your foot doesn’t slip as you ride.

The closure system used is a combination of laces and a side zipper. The laces have regular eyelets running on each side up to ankle level. Above that, you have 2 hook eyelets. These are common in boots and serve the purpose of locking the heel in place inside the shoe.

Faux fur lining makes the inside soft and warm. The heel is approximately 1 inch high and the platform is about half an inch.

One challenge we had with this pair is that the zipper and eyelets are weak.

  • Zip and laces with hook eyelets
  • Color variety
  • Soft inner lining
  • Weak zipper and hook eyelets

Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

Smith & Wesson is known for high quality boots and this pair meets the name’s standard. These have a leather and nylon construction which gives your feet full protection and ensures comfort in all kinds of weather. The tongue is gusseted to keep dirt and debris out of the shoe.

The rubber outsole gives you more than sufficient traction to prevent slipping and the innovative pattern ensures good grip on dirt as well as indoor surfaces. An EVA midsole makes the boots light and comfortable. A steel shank is incorporated for torsional rigidity and to reduce foot fatigue.

These boots are classified as ankle boots but are designed to come up above the ankle bone. The closure system used is a combination of laces and a side zipper.

One challenge we have had is that this pair is not completely waterproof. It does resist water but if you are repeatedly exposed to water you may need to spray a few coats of silicone waterproofing when you buy them.

  • Rubber outsole and EVA midsole
  • Gusseted tongue
  • Steel shank
  • Not fully waterproof

Nortiv 8 Men’s Military Tactical Boots

This is a hardy pair of men’s boots made from genuine leather. This makes it strong and more durable than many other similar products at this price range. A protective toe cap assures you that your toes will be safe in the event that the shoes comes into contact with the ground while riding.

A rugged rubber sole is responsible for the strong grip you get when walking or when riding. A look at the underside of these shoes and you will notice multidirectional patterns. This is done to create better traction for increased stability.

A flexible foam insole provides heel support and cushioning for increased comfort. Mesh fabric at the ankles makes these shoes more breathable which makes them comfortable even on hot days and reduces the chances of smelly feet.

The closure system consists of laces and a side zipper. There is also a slender flap which sits of the ankle at the end of the zipper.

You can use these boots for daily work as well as motorcycle riding.

  • Durable leather construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Protective toe cap
  • Doesn’t offer full leg protection

Sperry Men’s Avenue Duck Boots

The Avenue Duck boots from Sperry are ideal for cold weather. A 100% leather upper and waterproof construction makes this pair strong and durable wherever you need to go. On the inside is a thermal lining which makes it warm and comfortable even on freezing days.

The lugged rubber sole gives the boots a sturdy feel and provides enough traction to prevent slipping on both wet and dry surfaces. With a full-length memory foam foot bed, comfort is uncompromised.

Laces serve as the closure system and the opening is wider than average (11 inches) to make wearing and taking off the boots quick and easy.

A common complaint with these boots is that they tend to run big. They are designed to be worn with socks for a perfect fit but are often run big even with socks on.

  • 100% leather
  • Lugged, rubber sole
  • Waterproof construction
  • Sizing problems – run big

O’Neal 0325-110 Men’s New Logo Rider Boots

This is a bestselling pair for motorcycle riding. Just looking at these boots, you get the feel of total protection. First they are knee-length boots so you get full leg protection.

The upper is made from synthetic leather which is durable but not as durable as genuine leather. Injection molded plastic plates protect your legs from impacts and metal reinforcement at the tip of the toe protects the shoe from damage as well as the wearer’s toes.

Standing out are snap-lock adjustable buckles used to fasten the boots. Apart from their functional use, the buckles also add a unique aesthetic look to this pair.

You get generous heel support and the insole is cushioned for extra comfort. A rubber sole makes the boots durable and provides sufficient traction when riding and walking.

These are available in a variety of sizes but come in only one color.

  • Full leg protection
  • Injection molded plastic plates
  • Metallic toe protector
  • God heel support
  • Synthetic leather

Vorsey Men’s Motorcycle Boots

This is another bestselling pair of ankle-length boots for men. They feature a synthetic leather upper which is smooth and glossy and a reinforced heel. You can get them in various shades of grey, brown and black as well as oxblood.

Matching threading detail adds a subtle but unique touch to the shoe’s aesthetics. A breathable inner lining makes sure your feet stay warm on cold days and have sufficient ventilation on hot days. The rubber sole prevents slips and ensures a good grip on surfaces whether you are walking or riding you bike.

To fasten the shoes on, you use laces which come right up to the ankle and a side zipper.

  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable inner lining
  • Smooth glossy upper
  • Synthetic leather not durable

Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Motorcycle Harness Boots

These are made from full grain leather which makes them very durable. A rubber insole provides sufficient friction for safe and comfortable walking and ensures no slips could happen when riding.

An instep zipper is the only closure system used. Zips are convenient because they make putting on and taking off the boots quick and easy. The downside is that they tend to get damaged quite quickly. These boots have a high-quality YKK zipper which is designed to lock on the inside.

On one side of the boot is a metal Harley-Davidson bar which confirms that this is an original Harley product.

Motorcycle boots generally tend to be very pricey. These are comparatively expensive for budget shoppers.

  • 100% leather
  • High quality, inside locking zipper
  • Rubber sole
  • Comparatively expensive

What to Consider When Buying Budget Motorcycle Boots

Material and construction

Most boots are made from leather with elements of other materials such as fabric or plastic. You can’t go wrong with leather boots because this material provides the required protection and is durable so you won’t have to think about replacing the boots for a while.

In terms of construction, look for boots with quality stitching, a neat finish and a strong sole. Look out for poor sole bond adhesion. The sole should be securely bonded. Look for stitching rather than a sole affixed using adhesive.


Some motorcycle boots have soft, thin soles and others have hard chunky ones. The harder and chunkier your sole is the more protection you have. On the flip side, you have less control when operating the rear brake and gear shift.


The more common ones are laces, zips, Velcro or a combination of these.

Each method has merits to it and a few downsides to deal with.

Laces for instance, are preferred because they allow you to tighten the boots to a perfect or near-perfect individualized fit. The downside is that they could come untied when you are on the road. Unlike Velcro straps, you can’t quickly bend down and fasten laces on the fly.

Zippers allow you to put on and take off the boots quickly and easily. The disadvantage is that if you have a poor quality zip, it fails soon thus rendering the boots unusable.


Motorcycle boots are available in varying heights. You can get boots that come up to the ankles, others which come up to the knee and some about halfway up the leg.

The height you select is based on the purpose for which you intend to use the boots. Racing and sports boots are generally high to keep the entire leg protected. Short boots are often used for casual riding.

Low profile boots give you more flexibility but do not offer as much protection. High boots on the other hand give you full protection but are not as versatile as low profile ones. If you choose to use them for every day casual riding, you may have to carry your regular shoes and change when you get to your destination.

Extra Protection

Even the most basic boot designs should have some features to protect the foot’s most vulnerable areas. These are the ankle, toes, heel and bridge.

Toe caps: The toes are often the first to absorb impact and toe caps serve to protect them. Many toe caps are made of steel.

In-built padding or heel mounts: These serve to protect the heel which is another vulnerable part of your foot. Injury to the heel often requires complex surgery.


It does sound obvious but it is not. So many buyers complain about bad, uncomfortable motorcycle boots only to discover they hated them because the fit was wrong.

Boots which fit well should be comfortable and somewhat snug. Remember that your boot size may not be the same as your regular shoe size.


Choosing the right pair of motorcycle boots takes a good understanding of what this special type of shoes is supposed to do for you. These boots should provide protection to the entire foot with specific concentration on the ankles, heel and toes.

With this in mind, you can pick out a pair which offers all these and matches your personal aesthetic preferences.


Should motorcycle boots be sized as dress shoes?

Sizing can be tricky because of all the extra protective features. Most brands include a sizing chart to guide you but is always best to go to a store and try them on.

Are cowboy boots alright for motorcycle riding?

Cowboy boots are stylish but not advisable for motorcycle riding. They often have smooth leather soles which don’t provide sufficient friction for riding. You don’t want to have you foot slipping as you ride.

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