How Should A Motorcycle Jacket Fit?

If you see your bike as your lifeline, then you must be quite into buying the best of the accessories required for bike rides. Just as a lot of thinking and consideration goes into buying a helmet or a race suit, the same goes into buying a motorcycle jacket.

A motorcycle jacket is one of the toughest accessories to size perfectly. Since they have a significant role to play when it comes to your safety, you cannot be lenient while making a purchase.

Here are a few tips you can follow while selecting the perfect motorcycle jacket fit for yourself.

Selecting the Best Jacket Style

Choosing the perfect jacket style is a must. You might be comfortable with anything and everything. The number of textiles available for manufacturing a biker jacket is so high that you can find a jacket for almost any purpose. Depending on your level of expertise and the purpose of use, you can decide the type of textile you want to choose.

If you are a beginner, then you might be permitted a textiles-only jacket. But if you participate in grids in the competition, then you can only opt for a leather one. If you are a frequent rider, then you can consider a riding shirt instead. The disadvantage of riding shirts is that they cannot provide the same level of protection as a leather jacket.

Choosing A Fit

There are three fits available in a motorcycle jacket; American, European, and race. An American fit is roomier than the others. You can move your arms and shoulders with ease, making it more of a regular fit.

A European cut is a bit tighter and closer cut to the body. It is slimmer cut and provides you with a tampered profile.

The race jackets are pretty body-hugging and will snug fit your body. These jackets come with pre-curved arms that provide flexibility and comfort while riding.

Check for the Proper Fit

Don’t finalize your jacket without giving it a spin. When it comes to clothes, they might appear fine, but the fitting might be massively off. It is, therefore, necessary to try the jacket before making the purchase. Check the comfort and ease of movement by turning around and moving your arms.

Final Thoughts

After you have decided on the fabric of your liking and the fit of your choice, you can finalize your jacket choice. It is better to ask for a friend’s help while taking measurements. This helps in getting more accurate numbers.

Because not every one of us has the most proportionate body type, it is always advisable to get the measurements of every portion of the body (involved in the fitting) correctly. A slight error can result in a completely different fit.

Paying attention to jacket sizing is necessary as it is essential for your safety. Finalize an option only when you are sure about the fitting and find it comfortable, as well as, protecting.

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