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Our mission at MotorbikeGuy.com is to relieve people from the agonizing thought process when it comes to getting a new bike. Bike riding is an interesting sport and most of us develop interest after seeing other people have fun with their bikes, or when joining a motorcycle club. Whichever your reason we got you and will, therefore, walk you through the various aspects concerning motorcycles, while also providing you with some of the most useful facts.

Hello, my name is Tyler Williams, I am a safety instructor well versed with motorcycle risks and accidents thus have the necessary knowledge to help individuals lower their risk of a crash. As part of the training process, I also carry out routine maintenance tasks, can perform minor repairs to the body of a bike, and repair the engine and transmission.

Most people are always eager to hit the road with their new bike, but before you finally have the machine in your hands there a lot of things that must be put into consideration. For example, if you are new to riding, it would be best that you get a beginners bike that are also known as the Roadsters, they tend to be quite cheap and easy to manage.

From the above it is important to note that motorcycles come in varieties, we, therefore, have the standard motorcycle, the sport, cruisers, the dual-purpose bikes, and the touring and dirt bike. And as a rule of thumb, it would be best to settle with a bike that one fully comprehends and is easy for them to operate, overall it should fit your budget.

Some riders also prefer settling with certain types of bikes because of the brand, for example, some people are fans of the Harley Davidson, others the Honda, and Yamaha among others. Each of these brands runs different categories of bikes, meaning that all types of riders have been catered for. If you are a new rider, you should know the basic maintenance tasks that you can and should do yourself.

Things such as keeping a clean chain, replacing the air filter, changing the oil, and maintaining tire pressure, are simple maintenance procedures. Most importantly is that motorcycles can be quite costly when it comes to maintenance, because the repair procedures tend to be frequent with use. More of the above information has been consolidated at MotorbikeGuy.com with the aim of helping riders make informed choices.

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