Skully Fenix AR Review

Skully Fenix AR Review

Aside from making sure that your head is protected against potential injury in case of a fall, this helmet makes certain that you look sleek and stylish while speeding on the freeway. Here is a detailed review. When the concept for the Skully AR helmet was developed, a good number of people parted with a … Read more

Lexin LX-FT4 Bluetooth Intercom – A Detailed Review

Lexin LX-FT4 Bluetooth Intercom

This small device here bears the capacity to make your motorcycle rides different, what with its ability to help you in communications as well as navigation. So, really, just how good is it, and is it worth your money? For a long time, Lexi had been known as a manufacturer of audio systems for various … Read more

Sena 30K vs Sena 20S-EVO – A Detailed Comparison

Sena 30K vs Sena 20S-EVO

Both of these Bluetooth headsets are incredibly convenient, and they allow you a good deal of freedom when you are riding your motorcycle. Seeing as they are from the same company, do they differ at all, and if so, how? As a general rule of thumb, you are not supposed to use your phone when … Read more