How Much Does A Motorcycle Cost?

So you want to join the elite group of motorcycle riders and wondering how much you need to shell out to get started?

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The question about the cost of a motorcycle has no straightforward answer. But we will help you find the answer today so you can make the best buying decision for your bike.

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Cost of a Motorcycle

The primary factor that decides the cost of a motorcycle is its type. Therefore, here is a breakdown of the cost of motorcycles depending on their type. Of course, you will also need to consider your budget as well.

Note: The prices of motorcycles quoted in this post are by no means absolute. These are the average cost of popular motorcycles. The final cost of your choice of bikes will depend on many variables, including the brand, market conditions, and tax, to name a few.

Cost of Standard or Street Motorcycles

As their name implies, street bikes are for regular riding on city streets. They are simple bikes without the bells and whistles, making them a perfect choice for amateur riders. In addition, these bikes are also in the most affordable category. Its other name is standard bikes.

The cost of street motorcycles at the entry-level can be anywhere from $4,999 to $6,990. On the other hand, a mid-entry standard bike can have a price tag of $8,400 to $11,999. For a high-end street motorcycle, you are looking at about $14,095 to $18,795 at both extremes.

Cost of a Dual-sport or Adventure Motorcycles

Dual sport bikes are among the most versatile as they combine the best of street bikes and off-road bikes. In addition, the light frame also makes it ideal for beginners and is very popular among motorcycle enthusiasts.

For an entry-level dual-sport bike, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $6,599. Additionally, the cost of a mid-level dual-sport motorcycle can be between $8,399 and $12,000. However, for a dual-sport motorcycle at a high-end, the cost can range from $12,500 to $16,299.

Cost of Cruiser Motorcycles

These low profile motorcycles are instantly recognizable as Harley Davidson offerings. However, many brands are now manufacturing cruiser bikes for their iconic status as the classic American rides.

At entry-level, a cruiser motorcycle can carry a price tag of $4,599 up to $6,999. And at mid-entry, you can expect to pay between $8,400 to $13,599. However, high-end cruiser motorcycles can cost $18,549 to a whopping $20,499.

Cost of Touring Motorcycles

As their name suggests, these mean machines are for long-distance travel. This means that these bikes have a wide profile, very comfortable, and usually plush. However, touring motorcycles are also among the most expensive ones on the market.

An entry-level touring motorcycle cost can start from $10,999 and go all the way up to $17,995. On the other hand, at the mid-level, the cost can be between $18,749 and $22,499. A high-end touring motorcycle can have a price tag of $23,200 to $29,999.

Cost of Off-road or Dirt Bike Motorcycles

Dirt bikes are not outrageously expensive like other types of bikes. However, they are not legal for riding on the streets since they do not have headlights, horns, signals, or mirrors.

Nevertheless, you can expect to pay between $2,299 and $4,999 for a dirt bike at entry-level. Mid-level dirt bikes cost anywhere from $6,690 to $7,410. On the other hand, dirt bikes on the high-end can cost $9,299 to $10,000 at the most.

Cost of Supersport Motorcycles

Often called sportsbikes, these motorcycles are a class on their own. They are recognizable by their aerodynamic designs and powerful engines. Needless to say, sportbikes carry a premium price tag and are not for everyone’s budget.

At an entry-level, a sports bike can cost $4,990 to $7,199. Besides, for a mid-level sports bike, the cost can be between $11,490 and $14,999. However, for a high-end sports bike, the price can start at $16,490 and go all the way up to an eye-popping $34,695.

Factors That Influence The Motorcycle Cost

As we’ve briefly highlighted above, many factors influence the cost of a motorcycle. These include:

Old versus New

The condition of a motorcycle is an essential cost-effecting factor. Naturally, the cost of a new motorcycle will be higher as opposed to buying a pre-loved bike. Private sellers are the first choice when it comes to buying a used motorcycle. In addition, many reputable brands offer pre-owned motorcycles in immaculate conditions at very reasonable pricing.


Motorcycles carry their liability insurance as the bare minimum. However, comprehensive or collision insurance can be quite high. However, comprehensive insurance can protect your bike extensively.

Dealer’s fee

If you buy a new motorcycle from a dealer, many factors can kick up the bike’s overall cost. This includes processing fees, transportation fees, tax, and set up, among others.


Every state has its local laws regarding motorcycle registrations. Nevertheless, you will need to consider the cost of registering your bike in addition to the tax and number plates.

Additional Gear

Riding a motorcycle without proper gear is simply disrespectful to the art of riding. Not to mention compromising your safety on the road.

Therefore, once you settle on a bike, you will need a mandatory DOT approved helmet. Furthermore, you might also want a padded motorcycle jacket. Apart from adding a touch of understated elegance to motorcycle riding, these gears can be life-saving. In addition, wearing the right motorcycle gear is a requirement by many state laws.

Wrapping up

Bringing home a motorcycle can be exhilarating as well as daunting. The anticipation of riding your baby on wheels is no doubt thrilling even for a veteran rider. But the financial aspect and taking care of the paperwork? Not so much.

However, the good thing about the cost of motorcycles is that there is a price range for every budget. Whether you are looking for a premium bike to make a statement or a beginner-friendly motorcycle, there is a bike for everyone. In this regard, motorcycles do not discriminate based on our budget.

And that is just one of the few things that every rider love about motorcycles.

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