7 Best Phone Mounts for Harley

You have spent a fortune on your beloved Harley but what to do with your phone during those long rides? The solution is a phone mount. Read on for a list of the 7 best phone mounts for Harley to help you pick out one for your bike.

The Harley Davidson is a world class quality machine with few competitors in the market. Unfortunately, there are some challenges which run across the board, regardless of what kind of motorcycle you have. One of those is the need for a good quality phone mount which will allow you to access GPS for navigation, see incoming calls and even listen to music as you ride.

With hundreds of phone mounts in the market, it is hard to tell which ones are worth a second look? Here is our compilation of 7 of the best phone mounts for Harley.

7 Best Phone Mounts for Harley

Phone Mount brandMaterial ColorForm of attachmentCheck on Amazon
Roam Universal Premium Phone MountSilicone, plastic, metalMatte blackClampCheck Price
GUB Motorcycle Phone MountAluminumBlackClampCheck Price
Bovon Anti-shake Phone MountSiliconeBlackClampCheck Price
CAW.CAR Accessories Motorcycle Phone MountPlasticBlackClampCheck Price
Vibrelli Universal Phone MountPlastic, silicone, steelBlackClampCheck Price
RAM X-grip Phone MountRubberBlackClampCheck Price
AILUN Strap Phone HolderSiliconeBlackStrapCheck Price

Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount

This one is designed to fit on both small and large handlebars. The adjustable clamp has 3 diameter settings to enable it fit handlebars with diameters ranging from 7/8 inches to 1¼ inches. It doesn’t fit on super sports bike handlebars.

It can hold just about any phone as it has sufficient room for screens up to 3.5 inches wide. A firm grip is secured through 2 points of contact using premium hard plastic and a silicone net which holds each corner of your phone tightly to the mount.

Unlike rubber, silicone is not damaged when exposed to extreme weather conditions and can stretch up to 5 times its original size.

It also allows for 360 degree rotation which adds to the convenience of use.

Apart from your Harley, this phone mount can be used on mountain, touring and classic bikes.

  • Universal
  • Secure grip
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Doesn’t fit on sports bikes

GUB Motorcycle Phone Mount

This aluminum phone mount clamps on to the handlebars of your motorcycle perfectly as long as the bars are between 7/8 inches to 1 inch in diameter. A transparent soft plastic strip is placed on the inner part of the clamp to ensure the bars don’t get scratches.

It can hold phones between 4 and 7 inches wide and strategically placed gaskets to ensure your phone doesn’t get any scratches.

360 degree rotation capability means you don’t have to dismount the phone to be able to view the screen at a different angle. You can simply turn the phone and secure it at any angle you desire. The mount holds the phone such that you can still see the entire screen as well as access buttons and the headphone jack.

One challenge this mount is that you need a specialty Allen wrench to install it. Even a regular Allen wrench won’t work.

  • 360 degree rotation
  • Works with variety of phones
  • Lightweight
  • Need specialty Allen wrench to install

Bovon Anti-shake Phone Mount

The Bovon phone mount is made from attractive silicone material. It is considered a universal mount because it can hold just about any phone regardless of width.

When you mount your phone, the corners which come into contact with the phone are lined with silicone to prevent scratches on the phone. The device sits on a PU padded surface which works to prevent slipping.

This mount is preferred because it is easy to install. You don’t need any tools. You simply loosen the screw and install it on your bike’s handlebar.

It can be mounted on handlebars between 20mm and 40mm in diameter.

  • Easy to install
  • Universal
  • PU pad surface
  • Clamp breaks easily

CAW.CAR Accessories Motorcycle Phone Mount

This CAW.CAR phone mount is described as a universal device. It can be used with phones up to 3.7 inches wide and fits on motorcycles with handlebars ranging between 0.2 and 1.6 inches using a unique crawfoot handlebar design.

That is just about all standard motorcycles, with the exception of those with non-tubular handlebars.

A rubberized clip and silicone belt maintains a firm grip on your phone with additional grip provided by bands which wrap the four corners of your phone even when it is in a protective case.

360 degree rotation lets you view your phone screen from any angle you like.

You get full access to the phone screen, buttons and even the mic jack. All without having to take it out to reposition it.

  • Universal fit
  • Rubberized clip for grip
  • 4 bands to grip all corners of phone
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Bands not durable

Vicelecus Phone Mount

This is a silver colored aluminum phone mount. It is corrosion resistant with a shiny stylish finish. You can fit it on to handlebars with diameters between 0.75 and 1.18 inches.

This is a universal phone mount so it can hold just about any phone, which is devices with display screens between 4 and 7 inches wide and up to 0.43 inches thick.

An anti-theft feature lets you lock the phone in the holder by tightening nuts using an Allen wrench. It can only be loosened and the phone removed by using the same wrench.

Silicon strips placed on the sides and top of the pad keep the phone from dancing about even on bumpy roads. 360 degree rotation gives you the option for vertical or horizontal viewing as you ride.

This phone mount can also be used on mountain bikes, treadmills, baby strollers and golf carts.

  • Universal design
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Anti-theft technology
  • Anti-slip silicone strips and pad
  • Doesn’t have a charger

Vibrelli Universal Phone Mount

This universal phone holder from Vibrelli is another great way to ensure you don’t have to squeeze your phone in your pants pocket as you ride.

It fits on handlebars with diameters ranging between 0.9 and 1.3 inches in diameter. The strong adjustable clamps widen to a maximum of 3.8 inches.

If you are worried that your phone might fall off the holder when you hit a bump, worry no more. This one leaves nothing to chance. On top of the side clamps, this mount comes with 3 silicone bands. One to hold the phone and 2 for extra security.

We liked that even with all this grip, the Vibrelli phone holder doesn’t block screen access. The entire screen, all buttons and even the headphone jack can be reached and used. You don’t have to remove any of the bands or loosen the clamps. You also get 360 degree rotation allowing you to view your phone screen vertically or horizontally.

  • Universal
  • 3 silicone bands
  • Full screen access
  • Doesn’t handle very high speeds well

Ram X-Grip Phone Mount

The RAM X-grip motorcycle phone mount stands out for a few reasons. The first is a U-shaped bolt base which can be attached to rails with diameters between 1.25 and 5 inches.

Secondly, it boasts of a metal construction. Its body is made from powder-coated marine-grade aluminum with stainless steel components. This makes it an exceptionally strong and sturdy holder with high shock absorption capability.

Ram x-grip is named as such because it features a spring-loaded x-grip design which ensures your phone is tightly gripped and supported.

The springs provide a good grip as well as the advantage of easy removal. Rubber caps prevent any damage to the screen. To remove your phone from the mount, you only need to lift one or two of the grips.

When you buy the device, there is an optional device tether which can be used for extra caution when you are riding on particularly rugged roads.

This mount has fairly wide compatibility but is not considered a universal phone mount.

  • X-grip design
  • Easy to remove phone
  • Strong metallic construction
  • Not universal

AILUN Strap Phone Holder

This phone holder is unlike any other product on our list of the best phone mounts for Harley. Unlike many other phone holders which utilize a clamp to attach to the bike’s handlebar, this one has a strap.

It works much like a watch strap. To attach it, you loop the strap around the bar and insert the rest of it in the tab which creates the tightest grip. There are 8 adjustment points.

It is made from silicone which not only provides sufficient friction to prevent slipping, it is also dirt proof and washable. Silicone also assures you that your phone will not get scratches or any other form of damage when it is held in the strap.

This holder is universal so it can be used with a very wide variety of phones. The band grips the phone firmly at the corners thus ensuring the entire screen remains visible. All keys are reachable and even the headphone jack is accessible without having to remove the phone from the holder.

  • Universal
  • Convenient strap attachment
  • Silicone construction
  • Full access to screen and jack
  • Single band

What to Consider When Buying the Best Phone Mount For Harley


The 3 main types of motorcycle phone mounts are differentiated based on how and where they are attached to the motorcycle’s body.

Clamp: This is the most common type of phone mount in the market. It is attached to the handlebars using a metal or plastic clamp. These feature a silicone netting and rubber phone grip used to secure the corners of the phone.

Strap: Silicone strap mounts are also attached to the handlebars. Unlike clamp phone mounts, these use a strap to attach. Silicone mounts are preferred because they are soft, washable and quite durable. They are also an affordable option but don’t offer as much grip as clamp-style mounts.

Windscreen: These are mounted on the widescreen of the motorcycle. The advantage to these is that the phone sits at a higher position compared to handlebar mounts. This positioning comes in handy when you are using the phone for navigation since you have a better view of the screen.

Shock Absorption

You will experience shocks and bumps no matter how smooth the road is. When you get off the tarmac, these bumps are harsher and more frequent. You need a phone mount which can absorb these shocks before they get to your phone.

For this, look out for mounts with rubber grips and padding. Silicone bands work well to absorb vibrations.

Universal Device

Many motorcycle phone mounts in the market are described as universal in the sense that they can be used to hold just about any kind of phone. It is true that there are some exceptionally large or wide devices which cannot fit in universal phone mounts but they do work for a vast majority of phones.

Look for universal phone mounts so they can be used for any phone. If you have multiple phones, a single mount will suffice for all. If you decide to change your phone, you shouldn’t have to worry about buying a new phone mount as well.


No rider ever plans to get caught in the rain but it will inevitably happen every now and then. Look for a phone mount which will not be damaged by water. When the skies open up when you are on the road, you may be able to grab your phone and put it in a safe, dry place. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of dismounting a phone mount because of the rain.


If you often take long rides, the experience of a dying or dead phone in the middle of nowhere is not foreign to you. This is why a phone mount which comes with a charger is so crucial.

Only a small percentage of phone mounts in the market have this feature but if you are a tour rider, this is definitely one feature you will want to consider.


There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use your phone when you are out riding your Harley. Having your phone close makes a big difference because you can use it for navigation, to listen to your favorite tunes, track distance and you don’t have to miss any calls.

Look for phone holders with strong shock absorption capability and are compatible to a variety of devices so you don’t have to buy another one when you change your phone.


Do phone mounts lose their grip with time?

A phone mount may lose grip over time especially if it is used with a heavy phone.

Can I take pictures with my phone on the holder?

You can take pictures as long as the phone is positioned appropriately. Many riders use these to take videos of their rides. Alternatively, switch the camera to take pictures or video of yourself as you ride.

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