How Long Do Motorcycle Tires Last?

All tires have an expiry date. Even the best quality ones have to go through replacement after some time. Not changing tires regularly can have many negative consequences not just for cars but also for motorcycles as well.

Tire replacement is crucial for the overall maintenance of your bike. Tires ensure that you have a spine thrilling and optimum ride.
Many are bothered by the question that how long can these tires last? And that how can you increase your tires life span?

If you are also curious about these questions, here is all you need to know.

Parameters That Determine Tire’s Life Span

Several parameters must be considered to determine your tire’s life span.

Tread of the tire

The fastest way to determine whether your tire has worn out is by looking at its tread. Tread means the rubber on the tire’s circumference that makes direct contact with the ground or road. The tread depth must be at least 1/32 or 2/32 deep for the tire to provide an optimum result.
When you are doing a regular maintenance check of your tires, make sure to look closely across their entire length. The treadwear does not happen evenly and concentrates more at the middle of the tire.

Age of the tire

This parameter is pivotal for understanding how long your tires are going to last. The answer to the question is easily available. You just have to check up with the tire manufacturer to know the lifespan of the tire. Usually, the tires are marketed based on their life span.

The better the quality of the tire, the longer is its lifespan. Different manufactures provide different answers. In motorcycles, the lifespan of the front tire tends to be longer than the rear one. Hence you will have to change the rear tire more frequently than the front one.

Generally, the average life span of the tire is five years. That is not an absolute answer since tires can wear out early or last longer. The longevity of the tire depends on its age (as promised by the manufacture) as well as the conditions you are subjecting it to.


You will also require a change in tires in case of some defect. Sometimes even high-quality and long-lasting tires can suffer a turn because of some unexpected defect.

For example, the tire can get affected because of dry rot in the sidewalks or because of harsh sunlight. Indeed, bikers in desert areas might have more problems as compared to other bikers.

Also, pay special attention to the side profile of the tire. In case the roundness of the tire has been affected, it is time to say your goodbyes to it. Another defect that is commonly experienced by bikers is flat tire or puncture.

Motorcycle tires have much less life span than car tires. Also, if they get punctured, you will have to replace them soon, unlike in the case of four-wheeled vehicles. It is not safe to drive around with a patched-up motorcycle tire.

How to Determine Whether Motorcycle Tires Require Replacement?

There are certain ways by which you can easily determine whether your tire requires replacement. Age, tread, and defect are major reasons why you have to replace your tires.

However, in case you cannot keep track of them, you can always look for these cues to determine your tire’s life expectancy.

Loss of pressure

If you are unmindful of your tire’s worn condition, the lack of pressure in the tire makes it more than apparent. Even without looking at the tire, if you feel that the bike appears to not hold up much weight and presses down instantly when you sit on it, this means that your tire has lost pressure.

Loss of pressure can happen due to some defect or because the tire has exceeded its age.

Odd feeling

Another way you can catch onto the poor condition of your tire is by looking for any sort of odd feeling while riding your motorcycle. In case you notice some unusual sensation such as a push, vibration, or throbbing, this indicates that your tires are not in a healthy condition.

Tips to Maintain your tires

  • Wash your motorcycle’s tires regularly. Washing is crucial, especially after long trips. This way, you can remove accumulated dirt prevent them from skidding.
  • Maintain the right air pressure in them. Make sure your tires are properly inflated since low-pressure causes an increase in heat. Heat leads to accelerated wear and tear.
  • Maintain proper alignment between tires to prevent them from working against each other.
  • You must avoid hard breaking and hard starting since they too cause early wear and tear.
  • Keep your motorcycle tires away from the sun. Also, keep them away from electric motors like refrigerators and solvent fumes. That increases the tire’s lifespan.


Even though you want them to last an eternity, tires do require replacement regularly. If you do not take care of your tires, you will be harming yourself and your motorcycle.

Worn-out tires can cause life-threatening accidents. Hence bearing some expense on replacement is way better than suffering an accident. The life span of the tire is though less, you can always increase it by taking good care of them.

Also, the life span of the tire depends on the miles you cover with them. You can improvise on that too to increase their life span. Not only this, you can even purchase season-specific tires that have a much better life span than normal tires.

If you are planning to take a trip to a tropical region or dessert, make sure to change your tires to season-specific ones. That way, you can also ensure your safety and convenience.

Also, always buy tires from reputed manufactures because that itself is a guarantee for their long life span. All in all, take immense care of your tires and enjoy your ride without any fear or worry.

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