Best Heated Motorcycle Grips

We don’t often choose the weather we ride in, and it sometimes tends to get so cold that you may be pushed to do push-ups on the roadside just to generate some heat. A pair of good heated grips might just be what it takes to get back on the road.

You can take advantage of those cool and crisp early spring and late fall days to ride your bike.

Developing numb hands when riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous since it robs you of control, feel, strength, and reaction time since the nerves are dormant and your blood isn’t flowing as it should.

Heated grips are the solution. They offer warmth for your hands preventing fatigue and numbness that’s synonymous with the cold weather allowing you to ride longer and exert better control of your motorcycle.

Don’t worry if your bike didn’t come with them since there are plenty of options on the market. Heated grips come in two designs – cheapo panels and complete assemblies. The Cheapo panels go below your existing grips while the complete assemblies come with integrated heating elements making them bulky and more expensive. You need the best grip for your motorcycle, so, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best heated grips for you to choose from.

The Best Heated Motorcycle Grips – A Comparison Table

Best Heated Motorcycle GripsFeaturesCheck on Amazon
BikeMaster Motorcycle Heated GripsIt's made of rubber

It uses 12 volts

It heats up very fast

It's versatile and can be easily mounted on 7/8 -inch handlebars
Check Price
Bikemaster AM19012H Heated GripsIt comes with an LCD controller that indicates the level of heat and battery voltage of the bike

The grips heat fast

It is designed for ⅞-inch handlebars
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Koso Apollo Heated GripsIt's easy to install

It allows you to easily change the temperature without taking your hands off the grip

It has an integrated thumb switch for installation and usage

It has a LED color indicator that comes in five different colors

It has a low battery warning system
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Oxford Heaterz Premium One-size Cruiser Heated GripsIt's made of high-quality rubber

The chrome caps can be removed

There's a throttle tube replacement for Harley Davidson bikes
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RG HG000122C RACING Heated GripsSpecially designed for 22mm handlebars

Heats fast between 5 - 10 minutes

Come with 5 heat settings and bright LED light
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Oxford Heaterz Premium Adventure Heated GripsIt comes with a sealed-for-life heat controller case

It has a square tread pattern for grip and feel
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BikeMaster Motorcycle Heated Grips

BikeMaster is a recognized brand within the bike lovers’ community with its reputable accessories.

You can easily mount this BikeMaster Motorcycle Heated Grips on your ⅞ -inch handlebars. With its 12-volt system, you can count on it to heat up your grip fast.

It has a good design and uses a rubber material that provides it with the much-needed resistance against damaging environmental conditions and comfort as you ride.

You can change the temperature by adjusting it and settling on what suits you best, and even improve your riding experience.

  • The rubber is of high-quality and gives you excellent grip when riding
  • It is durable
  • It has an elegant design
  • It’s easy to install and use
  • It’s worth the money spent
  • It offers you a five-level temperature control system and a multi-setting switch
  • Installation isn’t easy if you don’t get your measurements right

Bikemaster AM19012H Heated Grips

This is another heated grip pair from BikeMaster specifically designed for ⅞-inch handlebars, reasonably priced, and offers an amazing experience.

It comes with an LCD controller that displays the five heat levels available and you can adjust the heat with 5-level heat control. Its heating ability is improved and rapidly heats up, and its display also shows you your motorcycle’s battery level.

For comfort, its design has a thinner diameter making it better to hold. You can install it is by simply plugging and playing it.


  • It’s easy to install and use
  • The price is reasonable
  • It is more user-friendly and provides the much-needed comfort
  • None

Koso Apollo Heated Grips

This heated grip from Koso easily fits on most if not all handlebars. For easy installation and use, it has an integrated thumb switch.

It has a wide temperature setting for cold conditions that you can adjust the temperature conveniently without having to take your grip off the grip.

The 5 colors-LED indicators enable you to quickly determine which heat level your grips are on and make the appropriate temperature level. To ensure your motorcycle has enough power, it provides you with a Low Battery warning.

This model is ideal for motorcycles ranging from Street-touring-motorcycles, Street-motor-scooters, Off-road-motorcycles among others.

  • It’s easy to install because of its plug-and-play writing system
  • It offers a wide variety of temperature settings
  • The LED color indicator makes it easier to understand and adjust the heat settings
  • It’s costly

Oxford Heaterz Premium One-size Cruiser Heated Grips

The Oxford Heaterz Premium One-size Cruiser Heated Grips are high-end and stylish grips by Oxford and yet affordable.

It’s made of quality rubber that gives you a firm grip and enhances control. It derives a royal finish from the chrome ends. These chrome ends can be removed to give your grips a minimalistic look and feel.

If you’re a Harley Davidson owner, you get a throttle tube replacement for your pre-fly-by-wire throttle, and for Honda motorbikes, it offers you a tube replacement for your throttle adapter.

  • The soft rubber material is of high quality
  • It has a flexible look can that be changed by taking off the chrome caps
  • You can easily control your bike with the tangible silicone buttons even with gloves on
  • The system is turned off when in battery saving mode
  • It’s expensive

RG RACING HG000122C Heated Grips (Switch C) 22mm

These hearted grips from RG RACING are some of the best and least priced grips on the list. RG RACING grips are designed for 22mm handlebars and come with five heat settings & a bright LED light. C

ustomers have reported that it takes around 5 to 10 minutes to heat up depending on how cold the weather is. The grips, however, heat up faster if you have your hands on the handlebars.

These grips are shipped together with connections for you to wire to your bike’s battery directly by installing a relay and wire to the battery via the ignition.

However, some users have reported having difficulties fitting these grips on their bikes. If the fit is very tight, you can use a soft mallet and an insulating tap if very loose.

  • Relatively affordable
  • Value for money
  • Might experience difficulties with fitting
  • Drains battery when not turned off

Oxford Heaterz Premium Adventure Heated Grips

This stylish pair of heated grips comes with ergonomically engineered grips and an intelligent heat controller that is sealed forever to offer your bike long-term durability.

It’s easy to fit and use. It also contains a square tread pattern to provide resistance against wear and offer you maximum vibration absorption capability.





  • It’s durable
  • Installation and use is easy
  • It can withstand tough weather conditions
  • It has a lower chance of short-circuiting because of its wiring system
  • The measurement has to be precise for it to fit

Buying guide for the best heated motorcycle grips

Heated grips and grips in general come in different styles and designs presenting you with a variety to choose from depending on your preferences with the key thing being comfort. When you go to buy a pair of heated grips for your motorcycle, these are things you need to take into consideration for you to get the most suited heated grip. The following are what you should think about first before walking home with a pair of heated grips for your motorcycle.

Comfort and warmth

Heated grips are designed to provide you with the essential heat and work together with your winter gloves. A good heated grip system will allow you to adjust the temperatures conveniently even without removing your hands from the grip itself. You also want a grip that you can grasp since it has the desired grip feel. Some come with an LCD battery and temperature indicator so you know what level you’re on and how healthy your battery charge is.


Heated grips come in different contouring forms. Some are smooth and have a length with an even thickness. Others have bulgy contouring in the middle for your palm to rest on while some have grooves for your fingers to rest on. Look out for a grip with a comfortable grip for your hands. On some grips, you will find flared flanges on the outer side of the grip whose purpose is to prevent any slippage.


You probably want to do the installation yourself and avoid any costs that come with hiring a professional. When removing the existing grips, always apply a twisting motion and not pulling because it won’t work.

Rubber material

This is a key factor to look at when buying a heated grip. There are several grips compounds used by manufacturers. A dual-compound rubber is the most common and grips made from it tend to be thicker which might pose a challenge if you have smaller hands. while you’ll find the inner layers of the grip made of harder compound rubber to prevent any slipping off from the handlebar. The outer layer is usually a softer rubber to give you increased comfort.


You would most likely want a grip that fits your hand. Thinner grips are ideal if you have smaller hands while for huge hands, a thicker grip comes in handy. However, it’s all about preference and fitting of the grip before buying them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I go about replacing my motorcycle’s grips?

Changing your motorcycle grips shouldn’t be a difficult task, you need to remove the existing grips first. This, however, might be a tricky affair and you may need an adhesive or some fasteners to help you slide off the grip easily. Always ensure that you use a twisting motion and not pulling. If you don’t plan on using the old grips anymore, you can use a sharp blade to cut them off.

The next thing to do is cleaning the handlebars first before installing the new grips. You can use soapy water or alcohol and then slide the new grip while making sure that you don’t twist the rubber. Now, give your grips a test run.

Can I get burns from using heated grips?

It depends. Heated grips can give you blisters on your hands when you ride your bike for long hours, use a pair of thin gloves, or use them without gloves that can be very painful and it might take a while before you can be able to return to normalcy. To avoid this, always ensure you use thicker gloves and take frequent breaks to break the monotony.


Not having a pair of sound heard grips for your motorcycle can cost you time, money, energy, and even your health. It’s important to get yourself a solid pair of heated grips and combine it with your windproof gloves. Also, your motorcycle grips need frequent replacement as they wear and tear. If you notice any tears, marks, or any other blemishes on their surface, then it’s time to hit the store to avoid any problems.

Comfort is the most important thing to consider since you’ll be handling these grips for long hours. The heard grips mentioned above are some of the best on the market and assure you of high-quality performance. Please ensure to try out the grips on your bike because not all grips will fit on your handlebars.

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