Best Helmet Chin Mounts

Riding your bike or motorcycle is fun and relaxing at the same time and for security, you need a helmet. Now that we’re living in the era of technology that has given rise to social media, you can document your rides from your point of view for others by installing a chin mount on your helmet.

Helmets are an essential tool for any bikers as they offer you the protection you need for your head which is the most vital part of the body. Helmets are not only useful for riding bikes or motorcycles, they’re also useful for other outdoor activities like skiing, mountain climbing, rafting, and so on.

You want to keep those cute adventurous memories to watch them later, or show your family and friends, and even post those cute videos online. You can’t use a camera or phone since your hands are in use most of the time and you wouldn’t want to miss a shot of what your eyes see. That’s where a helmet mount comes in, it offers you the convenience of taking all those wonderful POV shots for you without you having to let go of your handlebars.

Helmets mounts come in different types based on the roles they play and the mounting location on your helmet. Some mounts are mounted on the chin, front, or the side of the helmet. A chin mount like the name suggests is placed on your helmet’s chin and is what we’ll be reviewing in this article.

Best Helmet Chin Mounts – A Comparison Table

ModelFeaturesBuy Here
SoPro Helmet Chin MountIt's made of faux leather material

The skeleton is of aluminum material

It weighs 2.39 Ounces
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Proshot Helmet cam Chin MountIt has a dimension of 3 x 1 x2 inches

It's black

It weighs 0.3 pounds
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MotoRadds Motorcycle Helmet Chin MountIt has a 6.3 x 5.51 x 0.39 inches dimension

It weighs 1.76 Ounces

It can conform to different curvatures with its hinged wings

It comes in black color
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SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Chin MountIt has a dimension of 6.7 x 6 x 1.3 inches

It's made of aluminum

It weighs 4.5 Ounces

It's black in color
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TELESIN B07G568QPC Helmet Chin MountIt's black

It weighs 3.2 Ounces

It's made of polyester material

It's wireless
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SoPro Helmet Chin Mount

SoPro is a veteran in the helmet chin mount market and its chin mounts are one of the best they have on the market. It has a dimension of 4 x 5 x 2 inches and a weight of 2.39 Ounces.

The material is faux leather that gives it longevity & flexibility and it comes in black which blends in with most helmets. The skeleton is made of aluminum that has foam padding on either side, and the buckle clip base is fastened through the aluminum giving it a sturdy look and feel.

It is compatible with any full-face helmet and easy to mount making it universal. You secure the straps that tie through the google/visor area first, and out of the chin opening then around the front areas.

It’s easy to remove making it a completely non-permanent chin mount and can be transferred to another helmet with the same ease. It has a great camera angle for point-of-view filming.

  • It has a sturdy make
  • It’s durable
  • It easy to mount and unmount
  • It’s fully removable and can be reused
  • It has a well-balanced weight distribution
  • It’s not ideal for helmets with visors
  • It doesn’t have an appealing look

Proshot Helmet cam Chin Mount

The Proshot Helmet cam chin mount is made of high-quality plastic that gives the mounting flexibility to be adjusted on various helmet widths.

It weighs 0.3 pounds ( 6 Ounces) and comes with a classy black look.

The base is made of a layer of 3M dual-lock that’s attached to the helmet using an adhesive while the mount has a 3M dual-lock too. It includes a triple loop female connector that’s compatible with all GoPro helmets. This makes the chin mount easy and fast to remove.

It has a unique setup method and is installed at the center of the chin and provides for ventilation holes too.

  • It offers width versatility
  • It’s easy and quick to remove
  • It’s extremely secure to use
  • It has a unique setup method
  • It’s only ideal for helmets with the motocross-style
  • It’s quite bulky in size

MotoRadds Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

This is an originally designed and patented product by MotoRadds with a dimension of 6.3 x 5.51 x 0.39 inches and a weight of 1.76 Ounces.

The material it’s made of is quality polycarbonate plastic that will stand the test of time. It has an aesthetic and streamlined flowing design with a decent look that will seamlessly blend into your bike’s look fairly naturally.

With its universal look and design, you can use it on almost full-face street bike helmets. To mount, it uses a 3M VHB adhesive with a tensile strength of up to 70 pounds making it fairly permanent. For mounting, it uses 3M VHB adhesive sticky pads and extension pieces including an aluminum wrench and screws.

  • The look has an aesthetic design
  • It has an even weight distribution
  • It’s easy to set up
  • It has a minimal wind drag
  • The chin placement is centered
  • It may not be compatible with some helmets
  • Depending on helmet chin angel, you may need additional extensions
  • It’s difficult to remove

SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

SUREWO is a fairly new player in this industry. This helmet chin is made of aluminum and is an upgrade of their previous plastic chin mount based on customer feedback.

It’s lightweight and weighs 4.5 Ounces. It’s not easy to break or deform making it durable and stronger.

It has four joints that are connected by screws which can be adjusted for rotation at 180 degrees. Each joint can be used separately with headbands, chest straps and bicycle supports when disassembled.

The base mount is a special one-piece curved to better fit the helmet and can be separated and installed elsewhere on the helmet’s top surface or any other smooth curved surface like on snowboards, jet skis, or surfboards.

For mounting, it uses 3M VHB adhesive sticky pads and extension pieces including an aluminum wrench and screws.

  • It’s cheaper
  • It has a sturdy design as it uses aluminum
  • It’s very universal
  • It has an uneven weight distribution giving off-center results
  • It’s bulky due to the materials used
  • It’s prone to lots of wind noise

TELESIN B07G568QPC Helmet Chin Mount

This model is of decent quality and has similarities with SoPro in terms of its overall design and functionality making it better than 3D-oriented chin mounts and ideal for MX motorcycle helmets instead of full-face, closed visor ones.

It’s made of polyester and weighs 1.2 Ounces making it light and strongly fixed to your camera. It also includes a Helmet strap mount, a spare strap, and a J Hook. To mount it on your helmet, you need to secure its straps which tie through the visor out of the chin opening and finally around the front chin area. This gives it a non-permanent look that allows you easy removal. You can also adjust the angle and direction of the camera to suit your needs.

It’s ideal for the Shoei RF series, Bell Qualifier helmets as well as other full-face helmets.

  • Value for money
  • Good quality
  • The design is aesthetic
  • It’s not great for helmets with visors

Buying guide for a helmet mount

When shopping for a helmet mount, you may not have a clue of how to use one or if the model that you’re interested in is compatible with your helmet. Things like the helmet type, lighting conditions, rising style among others aid you in settling on the best mount for your helmet.

To take some great shots on your adventures, you don’t have to be an experienced photographer. With the right tips and a solid helmet mount, you should be good to ride! There are several options available together with a variety of mounting options for your helmet.


The material used on the helmet mount can be a determinant of how long the mount will last. Helmet mounts come in different makes ranging from plastic, polyester to aluminum. Aluminum makes last the longest while plastics might not offer you much durability since they can crack or be deformed under high impact. You also would want a helmet that isn’t too bulky hence causing discomfort when riding.

Permanent, semi-permanent, or non-permanent?

Depending on the mounting method and materials used, mounts can be categorized as permanent, semi-permanent, and non-permanent.

Non-permanent helmet mounts usually use straps to hold on to the helmet and can be easily mounted or discounted and reused on another helmet. With permanent ones, they make use of adhesives that ensure they have a strong attachment to the helmet’s surface and won’t come off. Semi-permanent ones are in between, they take time to remove but can be dismounted.

When looking for helmets, choose one that fits your preference and how often you want to reuse the helmet mount on another helmet or you don’t want the hassle that comes with mounting and dismounting.


Most helmet mounts come with kits that include various accessories for them. If you want to buy a single mount type, then look for one that comes with free accessories. Also, for affordability, smaller kits will be cheaper as they only contain accessories that you need.


You want something long-lasting for a helmet mount. What type of damage can the helmet mount handle? Some helmet mounts are only able to sustain low impacts and can be unmounted when you come across a high impact.

Some shooting tips…

As you may be aware, it’s critical to keep the filming and viewer experience in mind when riding and taking shots that are clear and smooth. This may mean you refrain from making unexpected movements and when changing positions, you are mindful of the camera’s shift. You can also use video stabilization software afterward when editing the footage.

For good audio quality, you can use an external microphone equipped with a jack as it can be positioned in a manner that minimizes or avoids wind noise.

Another way to maintain high-quality for your videos is by regularly checking and cleaning your lens of any debris, dead bugs, dirt, or water droplets that can negatively impact your footage.

It’s also good to experiment with different mounting locations instead of just sticking to one. This can make you more creative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I attach a GoPro helmet chin mount to my helmet?

You can mount a GoPro chin mount on your helmet by first making sure your camera is properly attached to the GoPro mount and then mount the Gopro chin mount to your helmet using adhesives or straps depending on what your manufacturer has provided.

Are all helmet chin mounts the same?

No. Helmet chin mounts are produced by different companies which makes them come in different sizes and weights. Besides, they also have different mounting techniques as some use straps while others use adhesives. The materials used too are different ranging from plastic, polyester, and aluminum making some lighter and others bulkier.


The ideal helmet chin mount will allow you to experiment with angles, shots and can give you the best footages with minimal impact and riding vibrations. It should be easy to mount, use, and dismount as well as offering you durability. Also, it should be able to withstand as many accidents and lastly, it should meet your budget giving you value for money. From the list above, you should be able to get the best and most ideal chin to mount for your helmet since all of them guarantee excellent performance and come highly recommended from users’ reviews on Amazon.

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