Cardo Packtalk – Bold vs Cardo Packtalk – Slim : An In-depth Comparison

Are you looking to get a radio system for using with you helmet as you ride your motor bike? The Cardo Packtalk – Bold and Cardo Packtalk – Slim are devices made from the same company, an they promise a good deal o reliability. So, which one o the two makes a better radio system?

Before I got my first Bluetooth headset to use my helmet with, I was actually quite comfortable riding my motor cycle in quietness and solitude, especially over long distances. What I did not fancy was having to stop every now and then to make a call, or even having to communicate with my fellow riders using hand signals. When the opportunity to get one came about, I decide to give it a go. Some of the most reliable devices in the market include the Cardo Packtalk – Bold and the Cardo Packtalk – Slim which are made by the same manufacturer. So, what is it that sets them apart, and which one of the two is a better device?

What Are The Differences Between The Cardo Packtalk – Bold Vs Cardo Packtalk – Slim?

Model Cardo Packtalk – Bold Cardo Packtalk – Slim
Bluetooth technology Bluetooth 4.1 Bluetooth 4.2
Connectivity Wireless and Bluetooth Wireless, Bluetooth
Total Talk Time 13 hours, 1 week standby 13 hours, 1 week standby
Bluetooth Range 1.6 Kilometers (1 Mile) 1.2 Kilometers (0.8 Miles)
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Cardo Packtalk – Bold Vs Cardo Packtalk – Slim – How Do They Compare?

Design and Build

What stands out about the design on both devices is the fact that they are made using extremely unique designs that are made to make them look stylish and help them keep out ambient noise at the very same time.

Just as the name suggests, the Cardo Packtalk – Bold has a thicker body and profile when compared to the Cardo Packtalk – Slim. It is also considerably longer and even taller, making it the larger device of the two. You will notice that the deign is quite unique, and it is made to fit into a helmet and blend in, but it still manages to stand out in its own regard, especially due to how unique it actually looks. When it comes to the antenna, it presents a flip up type which is ideal for using with the DMC mesh. Within the device are two small JBL speakers which are built for superior sound quality.

On the other hand, the Cardo Packtalk – Slim features a trim profile, just as its name suggests. Impressively, this device is a cool 18mm trimmer than Cardo Packtalk – Bold. You will also notice that it is considerably narrower and shorter, making it great for fitting onto your helmet with ease, especially if the idea is to make it remain indistinct. Just like its counterpart, it presents two JBL speakers that offer excellent sound.

Seeing as the Cardo Packtalk – Slim is a smaller and more convenient device, it makes a better communication tool for helmets in this regard.

Talk Time And Connectivity

When it comes to talk time, the Cardo Packtalk – Bold delivers a total of 13 hours, as well as a week of standby. To charge it fully, it needs to be connected to a power source for at least 4 hours. Seeing as it boasts a broader profile, the battery is actually integrated into the device itself, meaning that there is no need to have a double mount system.

Following suit in similar fashion, the Cardo Packtalk – Slim delivers a total of 13 hours talk time as well as 4 hours of connection for full charge. However, seeing as it is a slimmer device than the Bold, there was need to create an external holder for it, meaning that you actual need two mounts. This makes it a little more complicated to install when compared to the Cardo Packtalk – Bold

Since the Cardo Packtalk – Bold is easier to install as it is fitted with just one mount, it makes a better device than Cardo Packtalk – Slim.


When used as a Bluetooth device, the Cardo Packtalk – Bold allows you up to four connections at a time. However, when you activate the DMC Mesh mode, you can be connected to a total of 15 other Bluetooth devices at the same time. In addition, it can be connected to other brands with ease. This device gives a range of 1.6Kms, but this distance is boosted to 8 kilometers on DMC mode. This gadget comes with Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

Similarly, the Cardo Packtalk – Bold comes with 4 connections when on Bluetooth mode, but the DMC mesh system allows up to 14 devices at a time. However, it delivers a shorter rage on this mode, reaching 1.2km. the rage increases when you are on DMC mode, reaching a cool 8kms. When it comes to Bluetooth technology, this device offers Bluetooth 4.2.

Seeing as the Cardo Packtalk -Slim has better Bluetooth technology, it makes a better device than Cardo Packtalk – Bold.

Cardo Packtalk – Bold vs Cardo Packtalk – Slim : A Comparison Overview

Cardo Packtalk – Bold Overview

Made for the purpose of making communication easy when you are riding your motor bike, this small device works really well, and it stays true to its name. It is made to make certain that you enjoy good clarity of sound, and this is why it is fitted with two JBL speakers that are ideally clear and powerful.

With an operation range of 1.6km on Bluetooth mode, and 8km on DMC, this device allows you to connect to 4 devices and a maximum of 15 on the latter mode. It also allows you a maximum talk time of up to 13 hours which is quite impressive.

It features Bluetooth 4.1 technology which is quite impressive and effective. The reason it is referred to as Bold is that it has a wider, longer and larger body than its counterpart’s, but it does a really good job.

  • Uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology
  • Does not need an extra mount for the battery
  • Allows 15 connections
  • Boasts sound clarity
  • It has a bulkier build

Cardo Packtalk – Slim Overview

If you like smaller and trimmer gadgets, this one right here is the one for you. Slim as it is, it boasts two JBL speakers that deliver incredible sound clarity, and it also has superior noise cancellation features, thanks to its incredible build.

It has a 1.2km range, but increases to 8km when on DMC mesh mode. In addition, you will enjoy up to 13 hours talk time, and it takes 4 hours to charge fully. On the DMC mode, it supports 15 connections, even to devices that are not of the same brand.

For Bluetooth technology, it uses Bluetooth 4.2 which is an upgrade. It also has a much slimmer, narrower ad shorter body than the Bold, making it a more convenient device.

  • Uses Bluetooth 4.2
  • Comes with superior sound
  • Allows many connections at a time
  • It is small and easy to install
  • It is an expensive device

Verdict: So, which one is better; Cardo Packtalk – Bold or Cardo Packtalk – Slim?

Since the Cardo Packtalk – Slim is smaller and has better technology, it makes a better and more convenient device than Cardo Packtalk – Bold which is bulkier. Even though it is more expensive, its features make every penny worth it.


Is the Cardo Packtalk – Bold waterproof?

Yes, it is.

What does DMC mean?

It stands for Dynamic Mesh Communication.

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