Are White Motorcycle Helmets Safer? – A Detailed Guide

Visibility for motorcyclists is one of the most important parameters since it means a degree of safety. so, does this mean that white helmets are the safest, and why?

The thrill that comes with motorcycling is pretty much intense, and the fit can be unmatched. However, it is important for every rider to know that they are safe from accidents that involve themselves and others. Helmets play a key role in this safety, and sometimes even their color goes a long way, especially when you have dark attire and a dark bike as well. So, is a white helmet the safest to have on a bike? Well, while it is important to have brightly colored attire, and a helmet in particular, a white one is not particularly the safest.

However, they are significantly easier to spot as opposed to black or darker helmets, placing them higher on the safety ranking. Even though black helmets are ideally cooler and more popular, you are less likely to be spotted in one, especially in the dark, and by a speeding driver. So, what colors actually make for better helmet visibility than white? Research has actually shown that brighter colors are more visible to the human eye, and they go a long way in helping other bikers and motorists actually see you easily. If you are looking for helmet safety based on color, you are better off getting an orange or a yellow helmet. These colors have been proven to actually lessen the chances that you would collide with other traffic accidentally since they increase your visibility to other motorists even from a distance.

But is helmet color all you need to put into consideration before you actually buy a helmet for your motorcycle activities?

Buying a Safe Helmet for Biking – What to look out for

Seeing as a helmets color is not the only element you should be looking out for, here are a couple factors to consider before actually purchasing what would be considered a safe helmet.

The Outer Shell of the Helmet

The type of material is likely one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a helmet to keep you safe. The reason is that this part of the helmet is actually the one that takes a good chunk of the impact as it makes direct contact with the obstacle. There are several types of helmets, and a couple are documented below.

  • Carbon fiber – This type of helmet is the safest and certainly hardiest of them all. Carbon fiber allows the helmet to absorb energy and it proceeds to redistribute it in and around itself, keeping it from getting directly to your head. They are also incredibly light, reducing the kind of load you have to deal with. However, you will have to part with a good deal of money for one of these.
  • Poly-carbonate – Apart from being hardy, this material also comes with a good degree of flexibility, a characteristic that allows it to flex on impact and absorb as much force as it can. It may not particularly be the safest, but it proves both practical and affordable at the same time.
  • Fiberglass – These helmets are made much like poly-carbonate helmets in that they are able to absorb a decent amount of force. However, they are built to shatter when the impact is too strong, causing them to redistribute impact in other directions apart from your head. When it comes to price, hey strike a balance between affordable and expensive, placing them in between the carbon fiber ad poly-carbonate helmets.

The D-ring Strap

If you are going to be speeding on a track somewhere, you need to have a D-string strap that is of impeccable quality. It works to give you something of a comfortably tight fit, and what this does is make sure that the helmet does not slip away on impact when you fall.

The Fit

Even the best helmet will do very little for you if the fit on you is actually poor. A well-fitting helmet should not press hard on your head such that you are uncomfortable, and it also should not move about when you nod. A tightly fitting helmet sees to it that your head stays secure even during incredibly heavy impact.

If at all you are going to get a white helmet, make certain that it meets all criteria for a safe helmet, and that it actually has the right kind of certification. Otherwise, it will do you little good to get a white helmet that has nothing else to offer.


A good deal of factors actually goes into the making of a helmet, and even though the color is important, it is not enough to keep you safe. White helmets have a good degree of visibility, but they, unfortunately, do not carry enough brightness to keep you perfectly visible. If you are looking to put your hands on a visible helmet, go for a yellow or orange one.


Can wearing a reflector jacket help with visibility?

Yes, this is actually the main reason for a reflector jacket.

What helmet design is the safest?

The full face design keeps your entire head and face covered, making it the safest.

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