Skully Fenix AR Review

Aside from making sure that your head is protected against potential injury in case of a fall, this helmet makes certain that you look sleek and stylish while speeding on the freeway. Here is a detailed review.

When the concept for the Skully AR helmet was developed, a good number of people parted with a whole lot of money so they could lay their hands on the state of the art helmet that promised awesomeness and then some. As fate would have it, they never received what they paid for, and the company owners were sued for all their money’s worth.

Thankfully, the company was taken over by brothers who worked to re-invent it, and they came up with the Skully Fenix AR, an upgrade of the model that never saw the light of day. This helmet is the stuff of dreams for any bike rider, and it comes with a good deal of specs as documented below.

Skully Fenix AR Review and Breakdown

Whenever you think motorcycle helmet, the first thing that comes to mind is safety and just how cool you are going to look in yours. With technology evolving by the day, and with just about everything becoming smart, it was only a matter of time before bikers got access to a smart helmet. And it is here.

The Skully Fenix AR helmet is not just a beautiful and futuristic gadget that allows you safety on the road, it is a futuristic device that comes with loads of impressive features that anyone would part with an arm and a leg for. For starters, it is built to be incredibly hard, with the outer shell featuring the highest grade polycarbonate shell as well as multi-density EPS. This allows it the capacity to take on extreme impact while maintaining its integrity and keeping your head well protected.

In addition, it is a powered device that actually requires charging to work as best as it should. One of its best and most impressive features happens to be its head-up display, also commonly referred to as HUD. This feature presents in the form of a miniature periphery screen whose purpose is to display such features as speed and navigation, along with other parameters. Its position is adjustable and you can choose what location is most ideal for you so that you get the best line of vision.

Aside from this, the helmet is voice control enabled, allowing you to issue multiple voice commands to the helmet itself and even your phone which you can connect via Bluetooth. Voice command allows you many means of control, and you can be able to select the music you want to listen to, reject or receive a phone call and many other activities.

Most impressively, this helmet comes with a rear camera that allows you 360° visibility. With this, you can monitor your surroundings with ease. To make sure that you do not have to inhale musty and congested air, it has air vents conveniently attached, allowing you to breathe air as fresh and as cool as you would like, a characteristic that comes in handy, especially when you have long distances to cover.

For ultimate safety, it also has a pin-lock system that is easy to navigate but that also works to keep the helmet in place, ensuring that it does not come off during heavy impact.

  • It is made using the highest grade polycarbonate, combined with multi-density EPS
  • Comes with a head-up display (HUD)
  • Has a rear view camera
  • Can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth
  • Has a strong but easy to navigate pin-lock system
  • It is incredibly expensive
  • It has to be charged to fully function

Skully Fenix AR Specifications

Model Skully Fenix AR
Material High grade polycarbonate, carbon fiber
Dimensions XS – XXL (20 – 21 inches to 24 – 25 inches)
Weight 1,792 grams
Controls Bluetooth, Voice, Android App
Special features Has a back camera, head-up display (HUD), rechargeable, light and durable
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Skully Fenix AR Features

Design and Build

When you look at this helmet, it becomes quite clear that it is here to perform. Its design is pretty sleek, and it is made even more profound by the fact that it has an extended hood that hosts the rear view camera, making it look like it belongs on an alien ship.

The helmet is made using the highest grade of polycarbonate there is, making it incredibly hard and nearly indestructible. It would take an incredible amount of force to get it to as much as crack. In addition, there are special versions made of carbon fiber.


On this helmet is a rear-view mirror that allows you to see your surroundings as clearly as day. In addition, there is a HUD (head-up display) that works to display varying parameters such as speed, battery level and rear view. In addition, the HUD is an adjustable device that can be put at most convenient position for great visibility at all times.


Seeing as this is a smart helmet, you can control it a number of ways. The first is via Bluetooth which allows you to connect it to your phone. You can play music and receive or reject calls. In addition, you can use an Android App that proves most convenient for changing certain settings such as those of your rear view camera for optimal viewing. Finally, you can use voice commands to do varying tasks such as select music, manage calls and even navigate your way through streets.

Who is it best suited for?

If you are a high speed biker that likes to stay ahead of the game, this helmet is for you. Aside from keeping you safe, it will give you access to incredible features that are technology driven.

Are there alternatives to the Skully Fenix AR Helmet?

In place of the Skully Fenix AR, you can use Sena Momentum Helmet, Sena Momentum Evo and Quin Spitfire Rosso helmet.

Features of alternative Helmets

Model Sena Momentum Sena Momentum Evo Quin Spitfire Rosso
Dimensions Composite fiberglass Composite fiberglass High quality thermoplastic and polyester
Controls Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth
Special features Pin-lock face shield Very comfortable, DOT certified Crash detection live location tracking
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If you want to stay ahead of the game, you definitely want to lay your hands on the Skully Fenix AR helmet that comes with a myriad of futuristic features. It is great at keeping your head safe from unprecedented impact, but it is even better at allowing you to interact with it and to navigate your surroundings with ease. Even though it costs a fortune, every coin spent is well worth it.


What Bluetooth technology does the Sena Momentum EVO use?

It uses the mesh connectivity technology.

Is the Sena Momentum’s sound clear?

Yes, it is quite clear, even where there is lots of noise.

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